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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Favorite Blogs

I am starting a list of blogs related to Special Education. If you are like me, I collect resources and then go back and look when I need some new information. I like to have many resources I can search through to find what I need. So, if you have any blogs you would like to share, please post them and I will add them to my blog list.


  1. I have a blog that I use to just get out my thoughts about my teaching. Things that went well, things that did not go so well, etc. You can find my blog at

    I also follow a Google+ social community ( that has links to tons of great blogs for special educators. In fact, just a few Sundays ago, the gal who runs the community hosted a Linky - where we all linked up to each others blogs and shared ideas for teaching math word problems in special education classrooms. I know you teach little ones, but there are lots of people and blogs attached to this community and you can find a wealth of ideas!

  2. I have added several blogs to my blog list if you want to look at it. I am going to look through your list. I am like you when it comes to wanting plenty of resources. The blogging world has been real encouraging in that way!!